Obituary prepared by professor Koichi Kakimoto, IOCG President

October 19, 2017

We, the members of International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG), are very sorry to hear that Prof. Michael Schieber of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem passed away October 17. Please accept and communicate our sincere condolences to the whole family.

Michael was the driving force behind the initial formation of a critical nucleus of workers across the field of crystal growth, from theory to the practice of crystal growth, spanning the wide range of materials from the semiconducting to the biological, which eventually became a worldwide community. Starting in 1966 at Harvard University in Boston, he and his colleagues articulated a future vision of International Organization for Crystal Growth. There were initial difficulties but together with Charles Frank and William Bardsley in England, David Turnbull, Harvey Brooks, Frederick Seitz and Bruce Chalmers in USA, I. Stranski in Germany, Ken Jackson and the late Bob Laudise in USA, in England, Profs. Hausshuhl and Bethge in West and East Germany, respectively and Alex Chernov in the Soviet Union, they developed the conference and organization that has defined and organized our field.

Michael identified the need for a dedicated journal to develop and serve the crystal growth community: the Journal of Crystal Growth. Nicholas Cabrera and Bruce Chalmers joined with Michael as Principal Editors. The Journal continues to serve as an excellent vehicle for communicating our technical and scientific advances and professional activity in our society, which continues to open up new avenues and applications of crystal growth.

His enthusiastic leadership and vision of an international community of crystal growers has fostered strong communication based on mutual understanding and friendship amongst the crystal growth workers across the globe. His spirit and vision underlies our organization and continues into the coming decades. He was an outstanding scientist and a world leader in his community. His technical achievements and leadership were memorialized in establishment of Schieber Prize for Young Researchers presented at each International Conference for Crystal Growth and Epitaxy.

We also remember the ICCG conference in Jerusalem 1998 which was organized by Michael. This was an outstanding occasion from both its strong scientific content to the excursions to Wailing Wall, Dead Sea and Masada which introduced so many international scientists to Israel. All who attended were affected by Michael’s warm and generous spirit to our entire international community. I have already received a large numbers of shared condolences and memorials from the crystal growth communities and organizations throughout the world.

On behalf of International Organization for Crystal Growth, I wish to express our many thanks to Prof. Michael Schieber for his outstanding contributions to the science of crystal growth and the development of our crystal growth community. We will not forget Michael’s spirit and warm manner in the scientific activities of our community and in developing the friendly contact among all crystal growers which is the basis of understanding underlying worldwide peace.

President of International Organization for Crystal Growth

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